Healthy Start: A 20 Year Program Evaluation

The public health issue: Black and African-American babies, particularly those born into poverty, are less likely to live past their first birthday than white babies. In addition to the quality of medical care during pregnancy, social factors, such as housing conditions, the mother’s age, family support, education level and access to healthy foods can all impact the health of a baby.

Client: Crozer-Keystone Healthy Start provides case management services to hundreds of pregnant and postpartum women and their families throughout Delaware County.

Our Contribution: R&E Group has partnered with Crozer-Keystone Healthy Start since 1997 by:

  • providing evaluation and research services that inform program decisions, improve service delivery, garner continued funding
  • conducting epidemiological research on fetal and infant mortality in Delaware County;
  • employing developmental evaluation methods to assess community-wide efforts to improve birth outcomes;
  • monitoring Healthy Start’s progress towards meeting national project benchmarks;
  • lending an analytical perspective to data collection on service delivery

We visualized this 20 year partnership with a report showing a timeline of events and highlighting significant data from over the years. View the report here.

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